Fire Alarm Systems

EPI Fire Protection specializes in the Installation, Inspection, Programming and Verification of Fire Alarm Systems.

Sprinkler Systems

EPI Fire Protection has a team of licensed sprinkler fitters with experience in the installation, renovation, repair and inspection all types of sprinkler systems.


We have an experienced team of security technicians that are experienced in the installation, modification and repair work of Access Control, CCTV, Monitoring, Integration and Nurse call Systems.

Speed of Service

EPI Fire Protection is always ready to mobilize man power to provide a quote or get a job done whatever the urgency may be.  We are ready to react to any emergency at any time 24/7/365.

Free Quotations

For jobs of any size, EPI Fire Protection is ready to scope out and provide a free quote for all Fire Alarm, Sprinkler or Security related work.

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We guarantee quality service at competitive prices.